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Let’s build a future without hunger — for all Oregonians.

We’re powerful together

Join friends and neighbors who’ve already signed the pledge. Add your name to show decision-makers that we need action to guarantee Food for All Oregonians now!

Food for All Oregonians is a community-led solution to hunger.

The Food for All Oregonians campaign spent time one-on-one in listening sessions and meetings with community members, learning from immigrant, refugee and COFA communities who have experienced hunger and are leading in finding solutions.

These conversations, as well as a state-wide survey across rural, urban and suburban Oregon made it clear that we need a food assistance system that works for all of us.

Food for All Oregonians — a vision for Oregon

Together, we’re introducing Food for All Oregonians legislation to create a state-funded program that ensures everyone in Oregon has access to the food we need to thrive. The Food for All Oregonians policy will:

  • Make food assistance available to all Oregonians who are currently left out because of immigration status

  • Provide families with money for groceries that matches federal SNAP food assistance benefits

  • Make sure everyone is aware of this support through outreach and community navigators who represent the many languages spoken in our Oregon communities

How a bill becomes law.

After a bill is introduced, it goes through a few steps before it becomes a law. Here’s how it works:

Senate committee holds hearings.
Ways & Means committee holds a hearing.
The Senate votes on the bill.
The House votes on the bill.
The governor signs the bill and it becomes law.

Where is the bill now?

Step 2: The Food for All Oregonians bill — SB 610 — is now in the Ways & Means committee. Members will hold hearings to consider the financial impact of the new policy, and whether or not it gets funding. Email the committee members and tell them why you support the bill!

Follow along

I am asking and encouraging everyone to support this campaign because it’s very crucial and a stepping stone to what [other] states are already doing across the country.

Petrona Dominguez Francisco

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