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Food is a human right

We can create a hunger-free Oregon

Together we can build a future where everyone in Oregon has access to food. Thousands of Oregonians face hunger each day — simply because of where we were born. For too long, individuals and families have been left out of food assistance programs, like Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), sometimes called “food stamps,” based on immigration status. Food for All Oregonians is building community power to bring an end to this legacy, to bring an end to hunger.

Community-led solutions to hunger

Hunger touches communities across Oregon every day, and has worsened since 2020. After bearing the impact of the pandemic and rising cost of food, people who have experienced hunger and poverty are bringing real, long-lasting solutions.

Last year, Food for All Oregonians met with folks across the state in our immigrant and refugee communities to listen, organize and build leadership. We came together to end the racist and anti-immigrant systems that have left many of us out for generations.

Now, we are bringing our solutions in front of our elected leaders — the decision makers — moving one step closer to ending hunger for good.

Food for All Oregonians campaign

The Food for All Oregonians campaign envisions an Oregon where all people have access to food no matter where we’re born.

This means building a different future — one where everyone has the same access to food assistance regardless of our place of birth, immigration status or documentation. Our coalition efforts include culturally-responsive programs and benefits navigation that will help ensure Food for All Oregonians.

You can help end hunger

There are many ways you can take action in the movement for a hunger-free Oregon. From pledging to support Food for All Oregonians, to spreading the word with friends and neighbors, to advocating for policy change, your voice counts.

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Statement from the Food for All Oregonians Coalition

Our freedom, our health, our ability to thrive all depend on access to food that is nutritious and culturally familiar.

Aldo Solano Mendez, Oregon Food Bank

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